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Terms of Use

1. Object & scope
The provider Merico Entertainment S.A., Urbanización Montenegro, Alajuela, Costa Rica, America Central offers with PlayerswinCasino a fun online casino. These rules are to be followed for the use of this and also regulate all content and services offered on PlayerswinCasino. They also apply to content that users publish on PlayerswinCasino, such as photos, comments and forum posts.
2. User account and registration
Users may register on PlayerswinCasino free of charge and receive their personal access to the platform.
Only one registration per person is allowed. The account may only be used by the creator.
The user agrees to the terms of use with the first login and simultaneous registration. In case of non-compliance the user can be excluded from PlayerswinCasino. In this case, any claim, including credit, progress made and prizes will be forfeited.
For registration a valid and active e-mail account is required.
By activating the newsletter option the user allows the operator to send irregular e-mails with information about PlayerswinCasino. This permission can be revoked at any time.
The user can choose a username, which is a personal pseudonym on PlayerswinCasino.
There is no claim to a certain username. The chosen username may not be offensive, indecent or misleading ( like the use of the name "Admin" ) and may not violate any rights of third parties. Furthermore, it must not contain any reference to a website or advertisement.
3. se, playing and game use
All games on PlayerswinCasino are for entertainment purposes only and not for making profit. The stakes used here are only symbolic and are considered insignificant in amount. PlayerswinCasino is an entertainment service and serves as a showcase for the casino-like games that you can play and try here without having to make a real bet and without the risk of having to accept high losses.
All offered currencies are only virtual and have no real value.
It is not possible to exchange or withdraw them for real money.
All games have been extensively tested, however, in exceptional cases, errors may occur.
In case of obvious errors, such as double booking or utopian winnings, there is no claim to a payout of the winnings.
If a win has not been booked, it is necessary to contact the support with the gameID, which is displayed in each game as a small seven-digit code, and a screenshot. PlayerswinCasino will check each case thoroughly and will try to find a suitable solution.
Using games marked as beta test is completely at your own risk.
PlayerswinCasino, the offered games and features may only be used within the intended scope. It is prohibited to intervene in the process through external help. This includes in particular programs that simulate or execute user activities, such as autoreloaders or -clickers. But also decompilers or programs which give the user an advantage over others.
4. Publishing content
The user can independently write and publish content.
The user is responsible for his own content and has to take care of the correctness and compliance with applicable laws. PlayerswinCasino acts only as a host provider and does not adopt this content as its own.
Forbidden contents
The following content is strictly prohibited and may lead to the exclusion of the use of PlayerswinCasino:
Content that violates applicable law or infringes third party rights (especially copyrights and personal rights ).
Insulting, offensive and indecent content
Pornographic content of any kind
Depictions of violence and glorification of drugs and intoxicants, as well as incitement to commit criminal acts
Content which is solely for advertising purposes and content which is meaningless, e.g. randomly strung together characters ( spam )
Content that compromises security and links to websites that can cause damage to the user's computer
Misleading contents and false statements
5. Liability and right to use
The provider is always trying to provide a trouble-free operation, but unfortunately it is not possible according to the current state of the art to guarantee a smooth and continuous availability. Therefore, there is no claim to this.
The provider assumes no liability for any damage or errors that may occur, in particular due to incorrect handling or technical malfunctions. The provider is not liable for third party content, nor for content published by users. The provider is not liable for any loss of data. The user has to take care of the backup of the data himself.
6. Data protection
The provider treats your personal data confidentially and according to the legal data protection regulations as well as this privacy policy.
The provider uses and processes personal data of a user without further consent only to the extent necessary for the establishment and execution of the contract and for billing purposes.
Personal data will only be transmitted to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the contract. For example, to the companies entrusted with the delivery of the goods or the credit institution entrusted with the processing of payments. A further transmission of data does not take place or only if the user has expressly agreed to the transmission. Data will not be passed on to third parties without express consent, for example for advertising purposes.
The provider expressly points out that data protection for data transmissions in open networks, such as the Internet, cannot be comprehensively guaranteed according to the current state of technology. The user is fully responsible for the safety and security of the data he or she transmits to the Internet and stores on web servers.
7. Copyright
No content may be used or reproduced without express permission.
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